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Well what a morning – Having never  appeared on the radio before I’ve been on twice today talking about how listening to birdsong has inspired my work. This morning at 10.30am on Mark O’Donnell’s Wiltshire Radio show speaking about my exhibition project and asking listeners for feedback – listen again by following the link Also this morning I was contacted by BBC Radio 2 who were doing a feature on the Jeremy Vine show (12-2pm) – I had tweeted a few days ago about International Dawn Chorus Day. They looked at my profile and saw that I was a textile artist and tweeted me back – listen again

Both were very friendly and made it an enjoyable experience. The significance of the timing was to coincide with yesterday’s International Dawn Chorus Day, Radio 4’s ‘Tweet of the Day’ which started this morning and an article by Henry Porter in Saturday’s Observer Newspaper I approached Wiltshire Radio suggesting the feature and Radio 2 found me on Twitter.

Below is one of drawings done while listening ‘live’ to yesterday’s dawn chorus

Dawn Chorus Drawing

Dawn Chorus Drawing

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1 Response to Radio Feature

  1. Leslie says:

    Here I am on south coast NSW, Australia, trying to open my mind to art and music, having heard the other day a radio program Drawing Towards Music
    There is a transcript of the show, and I thought you might find it interesting.

    Today, I found your post on being inspired by bird song (music inspiring art) as well as seeing a YouTube clip on Alice Fox’s art show at Saltaire May 2013, Gifts from the Pavement, with music of the same name composed by Nigel Morgan to accompany her show. Art inspiring the music.




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